Service content:

Architectural design, Water, electricity, plumbing engineering design, Apply for construction permits, Development planning and design, Interior design, 3D rendering design, Project investment, Construction engineering, Engineering management.

Design Including:

·  Shopping center, Restaurant, Beauty salon, And decoration design of various commercial shops

·  Company/school/clinic reconstruction and expansion. Office, Factory,Warehouse design and construction

·  Home development, High-rise apartment construction drawings,And various residential design

Service Process:
     Establishment of design: Understanding customers' needs,Providing a proposal and agreement,
                                               Taking actual measurement of the site, Making preliminary design

                        Detail design:  3D rendering design, Construction plan,
                                               Control and save construction cost for customers

     Engineering Construction: The designer have a meeting with our construction team to implement
                                               the construction details, Materials shipping, Strictly follow construction drawings.

Project Management

Supervision of construction process, Detailed acceptance of construction projects, Final acceptance
of the project, Project warranty provided.